Christmas Break Information 2020/2021
Thursday, 17th December 2020
17 December 2020

A message to our tenants!

You’ll soon be heading home for your Christmas break, please find a number of useful points for you to think about before you leave your student property –


When leaving for the Christmas holidays, please do not turn off any gas or water.

Please make sure that you set your heating to come on between 8am and 10am in the morning and between 7pm and 9pm in the evening. The thermostat must be set to 18 – 20 degrees. This will protect the property from burst pipes etc. during any severely cold conditions.


You should make sure all of the windows and doors are securely locked and that your burglar alarm is fully set as you leave your property for your Christmas break. Make sure that all your valuable items aren’t on display especially in ground floor rooms and please close your lounge curtains.


Our office opening hours during December and January are as follows –

9:30am to 4:30pm weekdays until Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

Closed from Tuesday 22nd December 2020 to Monday 4th January 2021

9:30am to 4:30pm weekdays from Monday 6th January 2021

If you are living in your property over the Christmas break and you have an emergency for example, a burst water pipe, please call our office and follow the instructions to contact our emergency telephone number. Please note – if a non-emergency call is made to this number, you will be charged.

Alternatively, please email us at and a member of staff will answer your query in the New Year.

Have a very merry Christmas!

PJ Properties x

Tuesday, 6th October 2020
6 October 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we are fully aware that some tenants will be self-isolating as advised by the Government.

In response to this, we ask that you let us know immediately if anyone in the property is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or is self-isolating. The health and safety of our tenants, staff and contractors is of paramount importance and we need to know if you or any housemates’ are displaying symptoms or isolating before we conduct the likes of inspections or send contractors into the property.

We also ask that if you are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (such as a cough, fever or a change is your smell or taste), have been in contact with anyone who has developed symptoms, or have recently travelled from a country on the Government’s list of restrictions, to follow the advice of the Government and not come into the office. Please contact us either over the phone or via email.

Monday, 4th July 2016
4 July 2016

We love reading feedback like this at the end of our tenancies! Thank you!

PJ Properties go to Wembley!
Tuesday, 31st May 2016
31 May 2016

Condensation and Mould Prevention
Thursday, 15th October 2015
15 October 2015

As the weather turns cooler, you may experience condensation forming on some outside walls and windows. This is simply moisture in the atmosphere that has been unable to escape your property and has condensed to form water droplets on the colder surfaces with least airflow. This can, in turn, form into dark coloured mould.


The moisture in the atmosphere comes from various sources. Whilst you are asleep, about 3-4 litres of moisture comes from your breath. Showering, boiling water and drying wet washing indoors are also big sources of atmospheric moisture in the home.


There are measures you can take to avoid the build up of condensation, but the best way is to achieve a balance of heating and ventilation. It is essential to have the central heating on in the morning for at least two hours – From around 7.30-9.30 am (this is particularly essential in bathrooms.) This will obviously provide warmth to cold areas and increase airflow.  You should also set the heating to come on for around 3-5 hours in the afternoon / evening.


Please inform us if any radiators are not getting hot, or if the boiler stops working.


It is strongly advised to ventilate your rooms by opening the window slightly in the morning to allow moisture to escape.


If you find that any mould has formed, please contact us and a member of staff will treat the area with an anti-bacterial mould solution.


Any bedrooms that are not adequately heated and ventilated may experience a phenomenon whereby the moisture and mould can form on shoes / handbags / coats and furnishings etc


It is a misconception that the formation of condensation and mould is the fault of the landlord or the house – it is not! Follow the simple measures suggested above, and it should not occur.