Monday, 4th July 2016
4 July 2016

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PJ Properties go to Wembley!
Tuesday, 31st May 2016
31 May 2016

Condensation and Mould Prevention
Thursday, 15th October 2015
15 October 2015

As the weather turns cooler, you may experience condensation forming on some outside walls and windows. This is simply moisture in the atmosphere that has been unable to escape your property and has condensed to form water droplets on the colder surfaces with least airflow. This can, in turn, form into dark coloured mould.


The moisture in the atmosphere comes from various sources. Whilst you are asleep, about 3-4 litres of moisture comes from your breath. Showering, boiling water and drying wet washing indoors are also big sources of atmospheric moisture in the home.


There are measures you can take to avoid the build up of condensation, but the best way is to achieve a balance of heating and ventilation. It is essential to have the central heating on in the morning for at least two hours – From around 7.30-9.30 am (this is particularly essential in bathrooms.) This will obviously provide warmth to cold areas and increase airflow.  You should also set the heating to come on for around 3-5 hours in the afternoon / evening.


Please inform us if any radiators are not getting hot, or if the boiler stops working.


It is strongly advised to ventilate your rooms by opening the window slightly in the morning to allow moisture to escape.


If you find that any mould has formed, please contact us and a member of staff will treat the area with an anti-bacterial mould solution.


Any bedrooms that are not adequately heated and ventilated may experience a phenomenon whereby the moisture and mould can form on shoes / handbags / coats and furnishings etc


It is a misconception that the formation of condensation and mould is the fault of the landlord or the house – it is not! Follow the simple measures suggested above, and it should not occur.

**Property Refurbs - Summer 2014**
Monday, 15th September 2014
15 September 2014

We have been busy refurbishing a number of houses this summer, check out our before and after photographs below!

Both properties listed below will be available to rent from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2015. Get in touch with our office in November 2014 for more details!

4 Hawthorne Terrace, Broomhill, Sheffield. 3 Bed cottage style property.

402 Ecclesall Road, Ecclesall, Sheffield. 5 Bedroom student property in the heart of Ecclesall. 

What our tenants say about us!
Thursday, 3rd July 2014
3 July 2014
I have rented a student house with PJ Properties for two years. I would not hesitate to recommend renting a property from them. They are very good communicators and if you ever need anything repaired they will get it sorted as quickly as possible .
I have been with PJ Properties for the last two years. They have been extremely helpful in sorting out any problems we've had with the house, from replacing our oven to changing light bulbs! They are always quick to send someone out.
           Stuart Benzies
PJ were a great lettings agent for us for a year. We were a mixture of Young Professionals and a mature Student. All issues were sorted with minimal fuss, and they allowed us to liaise with tradesmen as and when needed. Would highly recommend them.
I have rented 2 properties over 3 years with PJ Properties as a postgraduate and my experience was very positive. PJ are extremely diligent and thorough in response to any query regarding the property as well as being very approachable and polite.



Rented a student house for a year and there were no problems during my stay. In case we needed repairs they would quickly send a repairman. Communication wise they were brilliant. I would recommend them if you're looking for a student house.
I rented as a student for two years with PJ properties in two different houses. The rent was always competitive and the houses very clean and modern. PJ were very good landlords, always on hand to fix any problems we had.




James Ridgway

We've rented a property from PJ properties over the last year and it's been great. The house had been good, and dealing with the staff at PJ properties is painless and straightforward.

 Tom Pindar

Stayed in one of the houses PJ Properties managed in my third university year. Had absolutely no issues and the company were pleasant and approachable, dealing with any requests promptly and efficiently. The process of moving in was made very easy.

Chris Capewell

My girlfriend and I (a young, professional couple) rented a property with this company for 3 years (2010-13) and we had an extremely positive experience. Any problems were dealt with efficiently and promptly. Mark, our landlord, went out of his way to sort out everything we asked for almost immediately and was generally an excellent landlord. We would definitely recommend this company

Daniel Mercer

PJs provided an excellent, well-maintained house with modern facilities. Virtually no issues - the occasional problem was resolved very quickly by reputable contractors - a stress-free experience for us.